FogScreens create a thin suspended layer of dry fog that enables vivid projection of images, seemingly in midair! Guests can walk through the FogScreen without any residue, which is great for grand entrances through video or other projected media.

We offer two types of screens.  Fogscreen Plug and Play is our most popular screen where an ~8ft width is ‘just right.’    Fogscreen Pro is our linkable modular system used to create large scale seamless screens for the grandest of production ideas.


  •  Runs on normal tap water from a reservoir or external water supply.
  • No noisy blower motors or loud pumps.
  • Safe for human interaction – dry to the touch.
  • No residual haze or fog, no worry of triggering smoke or fire alarms.
  • Overhead rigging or standard goal post truss setup
  • Stand-alone product that can be integrated into any environment
  • Rent from over 200ft of our in-stock fogscreen inventory.  We are the largest Fogscreen provider worldwide!
  • Screen purchases are available for permanent installations such as theme parks, museums, clubs, and corporate theatre.


PLug & PLay fogscreen


  • Our fully integrated single section screen that is perfect for grand entrances, tradeshow booths, or stage effects.
  • Available without a technician to qualified production companies and event planners
  • Easy to operate:  Rig, Connect Power, Data and Hose – Fill with basic tap water and enjoy!
  • Unit dimensions: Width 2310 cm (91″ / 7.6 ft), depth 90 cm (35.4″), height 65 cm (25.6″)
  • Weight: 130 kg (290 lbs)
  • Power Requirements: Voltage: 100-240 V, 2kW  ( 20A @ 110V, 10A @ 240V )
  • Water Consumption: 1-2.5 Gallons Per Hour ( 5-10 l/h )
  • Water Source:  Provided Reservoir and pump for hours of operation, or standard hose connection for days of operation
  • Controls: Fog Density, Fog Speed, Fan Speed
  • Rear projection only.   Video projection packages are priced separately or provided by your vendor.   We recommend a minimum of 8000 lumens and a short throw lens  ( 0.6 – 1.2 )

Projects featuring fogscreen PLUG & PLAY

Fogscreen Pro

  •  Fogscreen Pro is our linkable system that allows for continuous screens over 100ft in width
  • Combine modular 1.1meter (43″) screen sections to create any screen width
  • Over 200ft of screen available in our inventory.   Create wide stage presentations, or completely enclose a performance or audience area
  • Optional Deep Fog Enhancement allows for dense opaque fog effects (extra equipment required)
  • Requires our technicians for setup and operation, or we can train your technicians at our facility for no additional cost
  • Unit dimensions: Width  1.1m (43″/ 3.6ft), depth 75 cm (30″), height 64 cm (25″)
  • Weight: 110 kg (240 lbs) per 1.1m screen section, including end fan modules
  • Power Requirements: 208-240VAC, 16A per controller.  One controller per 3 screen sections.
  • Water Consumption: 0.8-1.3 Gallons Per Hour, per screen section.
  • Controls: Fog Density, Fog Speed, Fan Speed.  Manual or DMX-512 control
  • Rear projection only.  Video projection packages are priced separately or provided by your vendor.  We recommend 15-20k lumens per each 10ft of screen width, depending on the effect desired.  Our creative team can help specify the projector requirements for your project.

Projects featuring fogscreen pro

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