Make your event unforgettable.

Our special effects will leave your guests in awe and have them talking about your event for years to come. We have what you need to host the event of a lifetime.

CRYO & Confetti

Get Blown Away

Cryo effects are a great way to add extra drama to an event or performance. Rapid firing CO2 jets for your high energy concerts, low lying CO2 fog for theatrics, and CO2 confetti cannons for grand finales.

Fog Screens

Float Images in Midair

FogScreens create a thin suspended layer of dry fog that enables vivid projection of images, seemingly in midair! Guests can walk through the FogScreen without any residue. They are great for grand entrances through video or other projected media.

Water Screens

Rinse & Repeat

The water screen is an amazing projection medium that uses a thin film of water for the projection of video, lasers, gobos, and other lighting effects. The images appear to float magically in front of the audience, enhanced by the surrealistic effect of genuine water flowing in front of them. These effects can be doubly exciting when utilizing a water feature present at the event such as a fountain, pool, or pond.

Indoor screens are hung from supporting truss raining down a perfect screen surface. Outdoor screens are used over a large body of water shooting a giant peacock-shaped screen that can be hundreds of feet in width. Various control options are available to integrate all water screens with other theatrical elements.

Jet Engine Fog Machines

High volume, rapid fog

We offer several models of Jet Engine Fog Machines available under our DMX JET banner. Each system is designed for rapid deployment, unique DMX control, and profound amounts of smoke. If your movie set or concert performance requires massive amounts of area-wide haze or thick pea-soup fog, we have the equipment for your needs.