Lightwave International | Industry Leader of Laser Special Effects
Lightwave International has been astounding audiences with lasers since 1985. As an industry leader Lightwave has set the standards for entertainment laser production. Through innovative processes, equipment development, and pure creativity Lightwave generates mind blowing spectacles. The largest inventory of high power full color lasers in the world are available through Lightwave International. Your show will have the right equipment and right people for full laser production. Turn key rentals are available for Class IV FDA CDRH Variance holders.
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Industry Leader

Lightwave International has been astounding audiences with lasers since 1985. As an industry leader Lightwave has set the standards for entertainment laser production. Through innovative processes, equipment development, and pure creativity Lightwave generates mind blowing spectacles. The largest inventory of high power full color lasers in the world are available through Lightwave International. Your show will have the right equipment and right people for full laser production. Turn key rentals are available for Class IV FDA CDRH Variance holders.

Lightwave International only uses reliable high quality solid state entertainment lasers capable of full color, DMX or ILDA control, with self climate control, and low power usage.
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Shows Worth Sharing

Audiences are the driving force behind entertainment. Crowds share their concert and event experiences with friends as photos and video. Social media is the word of mouth selling out stadiums and festival grounds.

Lasers have become one of the most photographed and mentioned special effect elements on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and other networks. Pyro, LED, and other elements are unable to grasp this spotlight. Make shows worth sharing to grow audiences.

Why Lightwave International?

Our People

Our operators have full passports, stacks of credential laminates, and years of real world experience. Our design and creative teams work with world renowned artists and productions with the awards to prove it. We're only as good as our last show and we want yours to be our best work yet!

Our Price

Small venue lasers cost less than the those used for larger spaces. This makes laser production incredibly scalable. We don't use cookie cutter packages so you'll always get what you need at the price your budget allows!

Our Speed

The tour bus is already at the venue, but you forgot to book the lasers on the artist rider. Rehearsals are over for a live television performance, but you suddenly realize there's no visual punch. Your marketing team sees a great guerilla opportunity, but it will only work now... We can help you! Our expertise, logistics, equipment availability, and technicians can be deployed at a moment's notice to ensure you succeed.

Our Vision

We don't want to give you a laser show... We want to create an immersive experience your audience can't wait to talk about. We want to connect your crowd directly to the performance with visual effects so powerful they're never forgotten.

Our Equipment

We have the largest inventory of full color entertainment lasers in the world. Our equipment is dedicated based on what you need instead of what's left on the shelf. Our lasers are built for the rigors of touring in the hottest dust filled deserts and coldest snow capped peaks. The newest technologies keep our lasers compact, energy efficient, and looking amazing.

Our Specialization

We have dealt specifically with lasers for over 25 years. The technology has changed, but our position at the forefront of the industry has not. We develop the next steps in the entertainment laser industry to grab the attention of YOUR audiences.

Our Safety

Safety is the primary focus of every production. We use specially designed hardware, software, and operational procedures to ensure all safety risks are minimized to zero. All local, state, and federal paperwork is handled in house by our experienced staff. We are familiar with the nuances in laser law throughout the world to ensure you have hassle free lasers everywhere.

Lightwave International provides lasers for some of the best and largest touring acts in the world. Utilizing the latest in solid state technology, our high power lasers are compact, portable and require no water or industrial power, making them ideal for touring or festival needs.

They can be controlled from a DMX lighting board, SMPTE timecode, or triggered via a host computer allowing maximum flexibility. Lightwave's skilled artists and programmers work with the light designer, artist or show producer to ensure the highest visual impact and audience satisfaction. We can design custom touring effects, such as the Laser Prism recreating Pink Floyd's iconic cover to Dark Side of the Moon utilized on Roger Water's tour of the same name. We've toured with Kanye West, Jay-Z, Madonna, Rihanna, Roger Waters, Jane's Addiction, Tom Petty, Wiz Khalifa, The Killers, Zedd and many more. Lightwave has laser solutions for large outdoor venues and intimate club settings.

Lightwave International's state of the art laser effects have been featured in numerous film, television, music video and commercial projects. They can be used to simulate laser weapon fire, scanners, holographic displays, beams highlighting people or objects, add vibrant logos, or something yet to be conceived.

Lightwave's solid state lasers are compact and efficient, allowing them to be placed and manipulated with ease. Our lasers were most recently utilized on film in Oblivion, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Cowboys and Aliens, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We've provided laser effects for tv shows including Saturday Night Live, The Late Show with David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live! amongst others and countless music videos. We've done effects for many commercials including from companies such as Reebok, Old Navy, Hyundai, Pac Sun, Audi, and more.

Lightwave International offers state of the art lasers, high quality special effects and content creation for all your permanent installation needs. Whether it's updating an existing installation or designing a new one from scratch, our team of engineers and artists can help you choose the right products for the size and budget of your project. We have experience working with theme parks, casinos, planetariums, theaters... just about every venue one can imagine.

Every Lightwave show is custom produced, including shows at educational and academic institutions. We supply the same caliber lasers for school shows that are used on worldwide tours for big-name entertainment clients - some of the world's most powerful lasers - that beam millions of sharp, bright colors. Our laser artists design and control the material that gets used in your particular show, which ensures no inappropriate material is present and allows them to match any necessary educational sensitivities.

Custom work produces the best results. It also enables you to tailor your show to your event, including specific materials that will captivate your audience and incorporate school-specific content. For example, Duquesne University requested Lightwave coalesce some student artwork of the university campus into a laser show. Our lighting artists were able to render their works in laser, projecting it on a tremendous scale visible to a huge student audience. Any images presented to our team pre-show can be incorporated into your presentation.

Education-related laser shows don't just have to be about watching an on-screen repertoire. If you are attempting to design a full-scale event and don't know where to begin, Lightwave's designers can work with you on every aspect of your production, not just lasers. Full event lighting, ambience, fogscreens, waterscreens; make every element of your event amazing with the help of our team. We have years of experience with production and can help you realize a spectacular vision for your institutional event.

Transform your next product launch, corporate meeting or awards ceremony into an experience the audience will never forget. Lasers induce an element of excitement unmatched by any other aesthetic medium. Lightwave's team of artists and production managers will work with you to customize the show to your meet your needs and budget requirements. From dazzling beams to company logos, images and themes, our professionals can help develop creative and beautiful laser effects for your corporate function.

Large events demand large entertainment. Laser light shows are the perfect solution to entertain large audiences at a reasonable cost per guest, are scalable to nearly any audience size, are safer than fireworks, are heavily customizable, present no fire hazard, and can recognize sponsors directly through the use of custom laser light.

Bringing lasers to a fair, festival or other civic event used to be a huge endeavor. Lots of bulky equipment was required, trucks full of materials were necessary, and a number of hoses, cooling elements and other hassles were commonplace. It's time to rethink what you know about lasers. Modern laser equipment is exponentially more powerful than the old systems, and compact and portable enough to be brought to any setting. Wherever your event is taking place, a brilliant laser show with millions of powerful colors is not only possible, but much easier than ever before.

A typical show uses an existing projection surface such as the side of a large building or a special projection screen. Screens can be erected nearly anywhere. For outdoor shows, the most common screen size is at least 50' x 25' and is erected 4-5 stories in the air. There is a cost savings when using an existing screen surface, and often the structure used as the screen surface may have a significance to the show, serving a double purpose. For example, shows have been projected onto monuments, battleships, and corporate sponsor buildings. In these cases, it is desirable to focus attention to the projection surface. For indoor events, screen size is usually dictated by the size of the venue. In addition to conventional front surface projection screens, a number of other innovative solutions are available. Our lighting designers can help you decide the type of surface and effect that would best suit your event's particular needs.

Lasers can project bright logos and messages on virtually any surface from distances that are impossible with other technologies.

Lasers have nearly infinite focus, allowing for projection of images onto virtually any large surface from almost any angle. Nearly anything can transform into a brilliant laser billboard. Large projection screens can be erected, or an existing flat structure such as a building may be used for a laser show or a large-scale advertising campaign. Even mountains, tree lines, or clouds may be used as a projection medium! The purpose is to get the image or message out there on a massive scale, using a creative medium.

Rear projection onto a light scrim is a tactic that produces an image visible from both sides, therefore increasing advertising exposure. Even lighter scrims produce images that appear to hang in 3D above the audience. Front or rear projection may be utilized, and the effect is further enhanced through the use of fog or haze that improves laser visibility. Laser logo projection can be an incredible method of marketing. Forbes Magazine recently reported that the Pittsburgh Penguins have the fastest-growing brand in the NHL, increasing 88% over the last three seasons. Part of their marketing strategy included laser projections of Pens, NHL and Stanley Cup propaganda on the dome of the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh. Lightwave International was proud to be a part of this campaign, and presented the team with brilliant color renderings of team images using the world's most powerful lasers.

The lasers serve as a highly effective means of branding and advertising, as their presence is hard to miss and their scale can be more massive than any traditional advertising method. Setup and teardown can be done so quickly that the projection can last seconds or hours, making possible guerilla efforts to capture photographs of the lasers in short spaces of time. Full animation, graphic, and dynamic effects are possible with laser billboards.

Since lasers have nearly infinite focus, even highly irregular surfaces, such as the top of a battleship or the side of a mountain, may be used as a laser projection surface. The image will be as clear on them as on any flat surface.

Fog screens are also a great way to represent a company logo. They work well as a grand entrance, as people can walk through the effect to reach the event. They also serve as brilliant backdrops or room effects. See the Fog Screen page for more details.