Nike Risk Everything

Lightwave International utilized two full-color direct-diode laser arrays to project for Nike, celebrating the launch of its 2014 World Cup Campaign – Risk Everything. The first chapter of the campaign aligns with the USA vs Mexico match with the image on the stadium to add impact to TV spot in the game on ESPN. The campaign’s film features Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Wayne Rooney, highlighting the pressure felt by some of the world’s greatest players as they prepare to play on the world’s biggest stage – and their mindset to risk everything when it matters the most.

The University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona is a canvas for the Nike designs expertly programmed for multiple laser projectors by Lightwave International. With massive output power over 540 Watts, finely tuned hardware, and delicately balanced colors; Lightwave’s lasers produce crisp, detailed, and color accurate graphics scaling the height of the stadium on two sides! Making use of the largest full-color laser inventory in the world Lightwave is able to project large images with precision and without visible “”flickering.”

Risk Everything is another milestone in a series of large scale Nike projects following Nike Fuel at SXSW and Nike’s massive Camel Mountain projections. The technology used is similar to that seen in Lightwave International’s share of the Global Rainbow projects.