The Machine

Pink Floyd cover band The Machine played at Artpark in Lewiston, NY on August 11, 2009. Along with their performance was a massive 58W worth of powerful Lightwave Prism Series lasers. The Machine is the world’s foremost Pink Floyd act. They strive to reproduce the sound, performance, and feeling of Pink Floyd with every show. As such, lasers are an integral part of authenticating their performance. This particular show featured the world’s most powerful full-color laser, coupled with two other lasers and a series of bounce mirrors to send intense laser effects in every direction over the crowd.

The 38W monster was mounted upstage behind the band, which projected brilliant beams in millions of different colors throughout the show. An additional 20W worth of lasers were positioned in other locations, both downstage and on truss, allowing lasers to enter the performance area and over the audience from all angles. The bounce mirrors took care of creating even more intensity. An extreme amount of fog showed just how intense and vibrant the laser colors really are, as the crowd cheered and absorbed the visual spectacle.

The 38W laser is the record-setting stronger variation of the 34W lasers created for the prism effect during Roger Waters’ Dark Side of the Moon World Tour.